June 9, 2021

In week three of the Tarot Adventure course @melissa_healing_tarot, we delved into the element of fire 🜂 🔥.

The fire element correlates with the suit of wands in the tarot. As items representing fire, I’ve chosen the Ace of Wands card as well as a red candle, one essential oil, a Froebel star in corresponding colors made by my dear cousin ❤️, as well as a few semi-precious stones.

Besides carnelian and citrine, you often find red jasper associated with the fire element. Some associate it with earth. I feel red jasper has fire as well as earth properties to it. It is energizing (fire) but in a steady, calming way (earth). Red jasper is one of my all-time favorite stones.

Essential oils related to the element of fire are, e.g., clove, cinnamon, ginger, basil, and pepper. These have a stimulating effect on the mind and body. The colors associated with fire are red 🟥, yellow 🟨, and orange 🟧.

The element of fire is masculine (yang) energy. The corresponding astrological signs are Aries ♈ (cardinal fire), Leo ♌ (fixed fire), and Sagittarius ♐ (mutable fire). The triplicity lords of the fire element are Sun (day), Jupiter (night), and Saturn (participating).

The element of fire is about the will, inspiration, creativity, passion, and intuition. Yellow bile and the choleric temperament are associated with fire.

I’ve seen different associations of astrological signs, directions, and seasons with the four classical elements and the suits of the tarot. Using the cardinal signs as the foundation for further correspondences makes the most sense to me at the moment. This means I associate fire with Aries, Wands, Spring, and East.

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