April 22, 2021

After a few weeks break, I’m continuing my Tarot studies. I’ve signed up for a 10-week course with live classes every week. After a couple of months of self-study, I’m very excited to learn the Tarot under the guidance of a teacher. The course starts next month.

Yesterday, I trimmed my Tarot of the New Vision deck. I bought it some time ago together with the Radiant RWS deck but haven’t used it yet. This deck definitely had to be trimmed. The corners were rounded poorly, and the print was uneven on some cards.

The colors in the Tarot of the New Vision are not as vibrant as those in the Radiant RWS deck. They have a slightly greenish tone. The images are clear, and the contours very sharp. This makes it easy to spot the details in the cards. The card stock is thicker as that of the Radiant RWS deck.

After trimming, the Tarot of the New Vision is almost the same size as the trimmed Radiant RWS deck. The cards are only one Millimeter smaller in height. Trimmed the deck looks pretty nice. I like the background and the green edges.

Inspired by a post on FB, I have been keeping myself busy contemplating The Empress card the past few days. As it only comes naturally to me, I began thinking of planet Venus in this case as she is associated with The Empress card.

I think The Empress in the Radiant RWS deck looks a little sad, bored or even disgusted. Her expression is a bit like that of a wax figure. 🙊

I have gained a lot of understanding about The Empress by thinking of Venus’ dignities. Additionally, during this process, I feel I am getting a more defined sense of detriment (better antithesis). I stumbled over a card that, in my opinion, displays Venus’ antithesis strikingly well. Together with The Empress card of the RWS deck, this card helps to understand the polarity of the Venus-Mars axis.

The Empress depicted as Venus in her detriment, or better antithesis.

Terror Tarot Deck by The Goulish Garb

I’m speaking about detriment from a value-free point of view. A planet in detriment is not, as some might think, a bad thing per se. Such a planet just has to get a little creative to be able to express its nature. In Venus’s case, it is connecting and unifying by separating, giving by taking. 🖤

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