September 15, 2020

Today I read the section about the three-card spread in chapter fourteen of Holistic Tarot. The study guide suggests practicing the spread asking, “Give me a snapshot of my life right now as it is and where I am headed.” I was amazed by what cards I got! ✨

In Holistic Tarot, the cards’ meanings in a three-card spread are given as follows: middle card = present, act 2, body; left card = past, act 1, mind; right card = future, act 3, spirit. The first card you draw is the middle card (present), the second card would be the left one (past), and finally, you draw the right card (future). My cards for this spread were The Hermit, the Four of Wands, and The Star. Here some keywords and associations for each card:

  • The Hermit: introspection, wisdom, guidance, erudition, mentorship; element earth, Mercury, Virgo
  • Four of Wands: prosperity, harvest, domestic bliss, marriage, concord
  • The Star: hope, inspiration, optimism, visionary; element air, Saturn, Uranus, Aquarius
Snapshot of my life right now and where I am headed.

This spread is very confirming and encouraging. The Hermit is a personal card to me. It represents my life path and Lot of Spirit. I love the blue color in that card in the Radiant Rider-Waite deck. Also, the Star shins very brightly.

In the Hermit’s card, the Star is carried in a lantern illuminating its immediate environment. In The Star card one big star and seven smaller stars glow bright in the sky shining on everyone. I hope all I learned during the past years, especially my astrology studies, will soon be of help to others. That is my goal.

The Four of Wands displays two children, one with a blue cloth and one with a red cloth. They look like boy and girl to me. This card is symbolizing the present in this spread. It lies between The Hermit and The Star. Interestingly, next to the boy is The Hermit dressed in grayish-blue. Next to the girl is The Star card displaying a woman pouring water out of two red vessels.

It seems like the Four of Wands in this spread is suggesting a fusion between The Hermit and The Star—past and present. It certainly feels like the steps I’m taking now link what I have learned and experienced so far and what I believe I am supposed to do in this world. Right now, I’m feeling in the right place.

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