September 6, 2020

Today I read parts of chapter 14 (The Fundamentals of Reading Spreads) of Holistic Tarot. The goal was to familiarize myself with when and how to do a one-card draw. I learned that the one-card spread is good for yes or no inquiries. It also helps to identify the dominant energies of the moment or any situation ask about.

The book advises to let the Seeker shuffle the deck. The practitioner fans then the cards out, and the Seeker chooses a card pointing at it. The practitioner turns the card and interprets its meaning. Another way is to use a signifier card. After choosing the signifier, you shuffle the deck and turn it face up toward you. The card coming after the signifier represents the answer.

The beginner level’s study guide instructs to use the following question for practicing the one-card draw: “What do I most need to know about my life path right now?” The answer was symbolized by the reversed Sun card. In the morning, I drew a card for the day, which was The Star.

Card of the Day on the Left, Answer to One-Card draw on the Right.

I must admit The Sun is a card I do not like. Nothing about this card is beautiful. The Sun looks angry, which reminds me that some astrologers consider the Sun as being malefic. In fact, the Sun is a burning fireball, and only the distance is what makes it beneficial. In traditional astrology, a planet under the beams of the Sun is principally said to be burned and considered being harmed by the Sun’s rays. There are mitigating factors to this, though.

I also do not like the child in this card, nor the horse, the sunflowers, or the wall (what is even behind this wall beside the sunflowers?). The Sun card gives me just a suspicious feeling. I do not know if this will change over time. This card is, after all, interpreted as positive.

Some of the meanings of The Star card are hope, optimism, inspiration, health, harmony, spiritual abundance, card of the empath, spiritual counselor. Holistic Tarot lists following associations for this card: Air, Saturn, Uranus, Aquarius.

Significations of The Sun card reversed are, e.g., disorientation, quiescence, loss of something valuable, achievement in profession delayed, untapped potential for glory and accomplishment, loose of enthusiasm, marriage troubles, the potential for Fire energies that have not been fully activated. Associations: Fire, Sun.

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