September 4, 2020

I took a closer look at the kings and queens of the tarot. The King of Cups looks worried, the Queen of Cups almost desperate. The King of Swords gives the impression of being fed up, and no wonder — the Queen of Swords looks complaining. I feel so sorry for these couples! The King and Queen of Wands give a neutral impression.

It seems that the King and Queen of Pentacles are the only real happy couple, especially the King looks satisfied and calm. If they only would also face each other! Maybe change their places? (just kidding)

I also got the impression the Fours of the suits are the kings in their youth. There is a remarkable similarity in the young man’s face in the Four of Pentacles card and the King of Pentacles. The young man in the Four of Cups card is as worried as the King of Cups.

The Four of Wands card shows two children (I see a boy and a girl, maybe the King and Queen as children?). This is the only Four showing two figures, as is the King and Queen of Wands the only court couple facing each other. I think of a symbol of mutually shared executive power here.

There are also similarities between the gestures and postures of the kings and queens. For example, the Queens of Pentacles and Cups sitting in the same posture holding their pentacle/cup with both hands.

One last note: When taking a closer look at the Queen of Pentacles’ face, I wonder if I am not seeing a reflection of Pamela Colman Smith (the artist behind the RWS deck) here? Also, I wonder if that dragon under the King of Pentacles’ foot is dead or alive? I hope he is alive. He may be the friend of the lizard in the King of Wands card! Or maybe he is the lizard himself?! 😨

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