September 13, 2020

Mars went retrograde a few days ago. Right after that, I learned the type of entrepreneurship I was striving for (or the service I was planning to use) doesn’t allow me to invoice international clients. That was a real setback in my plans. Now I have to figure out other options. Mars rules my second house. He is also time lord through profection currently residing in my seventh WSH making a square to it’s natal position. Oh, and then there is that Saturn square natally and in transit…

I definitely want to offer astrological consultations also to clients outside of Finland. I already may have found an option to my previous plans (thanks to my friends on Facebook). In general, the question is whether to go with what is called “light entrepreneurship” or the more traditional way as starting as a “private trader.” Light entrepreneurship is said to be a lot easier, but doing business as a private trader has, too, it’s benefits.

Well, since I’m learning the tarot right now, which can be used for solving any kind of puzzle, I asked whether to go with light entrepreneurship (where I can only invoice clients residing in Finland) or private trading (where I can offer my services to clients around the world).

I drew two cards for each type of entrepreneurship. The first card symbolizes the actual result, the second the outcome, or the state of mind if I still chose to go with this type (wanted some confirmation to the first card). The first two cards show the result for going with light entrepreneurship, the second two cards below for going with private trading. It doesn’t look great for light entrepreneurship (The Tower, The Knight of Cups reversed). Private trading may also be not that easy (The Two of Coins reversed, The Moon).

As mentioned, I may have found a service provider through whom I may be able to invoice international clients but still doing light entrepreneurship. My next step is to figure out more about this. The excitement continues, as does Mars retrograde.

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