September 8, 2020

I got the impulse to ask what do we need to know about COVID-19. The result feels sharp, like a two-edged sword. I drew three cards, symbolizing three levels, the external level, the internal level, and the essence level.

The external level is symbolized by the Ten of Wands, the internal level by the Eight of Swords, and the essence level by the reversed Hierophant. Below the cards’ significations provided by Benebell Wen in her flashcards found in the Holistic Tarot Companion Course. The flashcards can be downloaded for free here (go to supplemental downloads). I replaced ‘Seeker’ with ‘one’ and shortened the descriptions slightly. The full description in Benebell’s book Holistic Tarot is more detailed, but the flashcards give a good overview of the core meanings.

  1. External level COVID-19 → Ten of Wands: carrying an oppressive load and while handling it well, load is hindering from seeing the path; one cannot see where one is going as a result of the oppressive load; maybe one is indecisive about the path one should take, because one is doing way too much at once; load is preventing sight and insight into the future.
  2. Internal level COVID-19 → Eight of swords: one feels bound and imprisoned; mental self-imprisonment; one feels stuck in the situation, as if there is no way out; one merely cannot see the way out; with strength and creativity, one will be released; for instance, the woman in the card is blind to her situation, however, she could use the blades of the swords surrounding her to cut through the bondage; could also indicate restriction of justice.
  3. Essence level COVID-19: → Reversed Hierophant: non-conformity, seeking freedom and liberation from conformity; good omen card; part of the solution is to stop going with the conventions of society; do not try to gain societal approval; what is “right” should be defined and guided by oneself only, not others and not society.
What do we need to know about COVID-19?

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