April 25, 2021

Today I made a collage consisting of different cards depicting the Empress, key three of the Major Arcana. The Empress is associated with the planet Venus. ♀️

As an astrologer, it is interesting to see how differently the Empress is represented in these cards. Some cards speak primarily of fertility, some of sensuality, and others of protection and rulership. Hardly one card depicts all of the symbolism Venus carries, which is quite understandable since this is an almost impossible task.

In astrology, every planet has its basic meaning. Each planet also has two home signs which it rules: one is masculine, and one is feminine. Besides this, there are signs of exaltation, fall, and exile for each planet. In an astrological chart, the planet’s location and its relationship with other planets and factors in the chart give additional meaning to its role.

If we only think of the twelve signs of the zodiac which the planets travel through, we already have twelve different expressions of Venus. All other astrological considerations on top, there is a bunch of alteration to the meaning of Venus in an individual astrological chart.

Going through the symbolism of the Empress and the images in different decks, I feel once again challenged to think about my perception of femaleness (not femininity, which is a different thing).

Because I know my birth chart and Venus in particular, I can see how this reflects my point of view about (what we nowadays consider as) traditional female roles, and further my understanding and view of the Empress in the tarot.

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