August 17, 2020

One of the first things I did for my new tarot deck, was to sew a wrap bag/mat and a pouch. Below are some pictures of the results. I found a matching cloth, plus all the other things (like pearls and cord), in my storage. The inspiration for the wrap bag came from a post by Katie on Autostraddle. After checking many different options for making a tarot bag, I went ftor the wrap style and also sewed an additional pouch. And like so often, I had just a piece of cloth left with the exact right size.

Both bag and pouch turned out very beautiful. Wrapping the deck with the cloth is easy. I had to think a while what to do with the drawstring of the pouch. The ends of it looked a bit boring without any decoration. I got the idea to add a few pearls creating loops. Now, it almost looks like a ladder. A nice symbolical detail, I think.

The wrap and pouch have been ready for about a week now. However, the deck hasn’t been sleeping in its wrap yet. I want it to be completely ready and groomed before that big moment, *g*. Also, the corners are still sharp, and I don’t like the cards to get damaged by putting them in and out of the pouch/wrap every day. Waiting for that corner cutter to arrive… Oh, I got the blue permanent marker for edging the cards. The ring binder for the course is also ready.

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