August 28, 2020

Today I filled in the tarot deck inventory log template provided by Benebell Wen in her Holistic Tarot Companion Course. The template also contains the questions for interviewing the deck. There was an interesting question that didn’t come up in the video I watched earlier. I also noticed that I left one question unasked.

So, I continued the interview. The two questions I asked were: 1. Harmonized together, tarot reader to tarot deck, what are our combined strengths?, and 2. Please tell me what you think of me so far. The picture below shows all answers; on the left, the three from the first part of the interview and on the right the answers given today.

The answer for our combined strengths is the Six of Pentacles card, which symbolizes charity, generosity, social justice, and benevolence. The answer to the question what the deck thinks of me so far is symbolized by the reversed Five of Wands card, which means opportunity, and reconciliation. Benebell writes in her book Holistic Tarot about the reversed Five of Wands card that it is positive explaining further: “After a period of stagnation due to in-fighting, the Seeker is back on track for progress.”

Complete Interview with the Radiant Rider-Waite Deck.

The answers to the two questions asked today gave further valuable insights. I like that benevolence symbolizes the combination of the deck and me. It also fits well with the deck’s point of view (Six of Wands), and with what I myself find most important—keeping hope alive. I am also relieved that the deck doesn’t think I’m an impossible case but capable of progress. 😅 I believe this is a good start to working together.

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