October 3, 2021

I just got a huge amount of work completed the other day. After I took Arielle Guttman’s Venus Star Point® (VSP) training program, I decided to take the exam to become a certified VSP practitioner. I completed the “great work” the other day. This period felt like an initiation. I loved to work on the exam, and I was amazed by the information the Venus star gave me.

Right now, I’m experiencing a creative flow. I have many ideas on making the Venus star and its insights easily accessible so that people with only a little or no skills in astrological language can benefit from it. I’m planning on starting an Instagram account dedicated to the VSP.

I’ve noticed I also started to imply more color into my life in clothing and decoration (although black and red will still be my number one duo). I even changed my color settings in Planetdance. How did I get here? Only Venus knows. 😄

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