November 11, 2020

This week is an important one. I’m about to announce that I am available for consultations. I already decided that it is best to start with what we call here “light entrepreneurship.” This means you are self-employed without a business ID. The invoicing and paperwork are handled by an invoice service company.

I have been trying to figure out a couple of months now which invoice service provider I should use. After sorting out the ones that do not make invoicing internationally possible, I was left with three options.

I really couldn’t make up my mind which one would be suited best. There are differences in the range of services provided as well as in service fees. To get a bit more insight into each of the three companies, I took my Radiant-RWS deck and drew a few cards. Here the results.

How things will go if I choose one of these three invoice service companies?

Although a bit more optimistic being reversed, the Ten of Swords (number 3) is not a positive card in its essence. The company it stands for was one of the last ones I found out about. I haven’t been in contact with this company personally, asking about their services. All information I have, I got from their website. Maybe there are some hidden fees, service restrictions, or the like I do not know about? It may also be the case that it does not go well with my business idea, or there is simply a better fitting option for me. The Ten of Swords symbolizes endurance, comeback, courage to rise again. Sounds optimistic, but maybe not for the start of a business? 🤔

The Queen of Swords (number 2) represents an invoice service provider I have contacted several times. It seemed one of the more low-cost ones in the beginning. The customer service is prompt and friendly. However, after surfing through their website several times, I found out about their additional fees (and taxes). These are not clearly on display on their website. They didn’t tell me about these either, although I specifically asked about any additional costs.

My impression of the Queen of Swords has been right from the beginning that of an ever-complaining woman. I don’t know; maybe I’d become her if choosing this company? A short definition of the Queen of Swords in Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot is: high-achieving, executive, striking, strong character, intensely perceptive. Not so bad, but my impression of the Queen as a nagging woman is very strong. I don’t want to have to do with her or become like her myself. 😬

Number 1, the Six of Wands, stands for a company that is one the first ones I have been getting to know about. The customer service here is, like the one from the previous company, helpful. This company is one of the most expensive ones. Some of their services I do not need, but still would have to pay for. I like that they display all their fees clearly on their website and that their online-calculator gives detailed information about service fees and taxes.

The Six of Wands stands for victory, good news, advancement in career. This card is straightly related to career. Most interestingly, when I first found out that it would be possible to be self-employed without having to get a business ID, I drew cards asking what type of entrepreneurship would be best for me at this point. Back then, I only knew of this company, through which invoicing for both types of entrepreneurship is possible. The cards were in favor of light-entrepreneurship, and guess what? The cards that let me knew this were the Knight of Wands and the Ace of Wands.

This time, I asked again about this company, but specifically how things would go if I choose to go with light-entrepreneurship using their services instead of the other two companies. The result—The Six of Wands—strikingly straightforward continues the series (the suit of Wands). Although one of the most expensive options, the cards are clearly suggesting to go with this company. And as you may know, I’m friends with the Lizard in the same suit. 🦎 😊

Another striking thing—as I looked up the meanings of these three cards from my all mixed up flashcards pile, I was much baffled as they came all in a row like they have been waiting there together for this moment.

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