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Update May 27, 2023: The next Venus Star Course is planned to start in September. Further information coming later.

Update April 29, 2023: The Venus Star Course is currently in progress. Watch this space and follow me on Instagram @venus_star_astrologer for information on future courses.

Intro to the Venus Pentagram, Venus’ Role, and the Meaning of Your Venus Star Point (VSP)

Watch (click the picture) and learn about one of the most significant roles of Venus! The third-brightest object in our solar system is about more than beauty, love, and harmony. Video length: 10 min.

In this video (click the picture), I’m sharing an insight I got from working with the five-pointed Venus Star. Video length: 6 min.


– Connecting Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld –


360 €

Learn the astrological background of the formation of the Venus Pentagram and its meaning in your birth chart and much more in 5 weeks!

Starting on April 29, 2023, the class will meet LIVE on Zoom on Saturdays at 02:00 PM | 14:00 UTC±00:00. See the table below for times at different locations. Convert it to your local time here.

Dates and Times for Zoom Class Meetings

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Final Meeting
April 29May 6May 13May 20May 27June 3
All dates are Saturdays. Class starts at 02:00 PM UTC±00:00. Check your local time from the table below or convert it here.
City24-Hour Clock | 12-Hour Clock
New York (UTC-4)10:00 | 10:00 AM
London (UTC+1)15:00 | 03:00 PM
Berlin (UTC+2)16:00 | 04:00 PM
Helsinki (UTC+3)17:00 | 05:00 PM
New Delhi (UTC+5:30)19:30 | 07:30 PM
Canberra (UTC+10)00:00 | 00:00 AM

An Interactive Online Live Course in Five Parts

The Venus Star Course teaches you the astronomical background of the formation of the Venus Pentagram and its meaning in your birth chart. You’ll also learn about the symbolism and mythology of the planet Venus and its cycle. Further, this course illuminates how the Venus cycle and the cosmic pentagram pattern mirror social, cultural, and economic changes.

1Introducing the Venus Star
2Astronomical Background
3Symbolism and Mythology
4Energy Flow and Interpretation
5Historical Periods and the Venus Star
Final MeetingWrapping It Up, Sharing Experiences, Where to go from here?

By taking the Venus Star Course, you learn a new tool that helps you understand and harness your creative potential. You will learn to see the quality of time at a given moment in the light of the five-pointed Venus Star. The Venus Star also sheds light on your relationship dynamics, helping you to understand and improve your interactions with others.

The Venus Star Course supports your personal growth and helps you find answers to the question, “What am I here to share with the world?”

What You Get

  • Five 90-120 minutes interactive ✨LIVE✨ Zoom sessions (one per week)
  • Access to the recording of each session for a whole week
  • Q&A in every Zoom meeting
  • Worksheets to support your learning process
  • Email support throughout the five weeks of the course
  • Access to the Venus Star course‘s private Facebook group
  • A copy of your birth chart with your five-pointed Venus Star
  • A 30-minute 1:1 Zoom meeting to talk about your Venus Star and learning progress
  • Final Meeting via Zoom after the five weeks of the course

What You Learn

  • What are the Venus Star and Venus Star Points® (VSP)
  • Tracking the cycle of Venus and the formation of the pentagram
  • The symbolism and mythology of planet Venus and its cycle, including morning star and evening star phases
  • Interpreting your Venus Star Point (your creative energy)
  • Observing your life cycles through the Venus Star
  • How to understand your relationship dynamics in the light of your Venus Star
  • To see how the Venus Star reflects historical periods and our present time

How You Benefit

  • You discover the unique gift you are meant to share with the world.
  • You gain consciousness about your life cycles as indicated by your Venus Star.
  • You learn an easy technique to spot recurring topics in your life.
  • You get insight into your relationships and interrelational dynamics.
  • You acquire a new tool that supports you in deepening your spiritual practice and connection with the Divine.

Final Test and Certificate

At the end of the course, there will be an optional test (I call it Final Summary). You’ll get a certificate of completion if you decide to take the test and pass. 📜🏅


As a student of my Venus Star Course, you get 15 % off my Cycles of Life reading.

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Note that this course does not teach you basic astrology, like the origin and symbolism of the zodiac signs. That being said, with a bit of knowledge about the meaning of the twelve signs and the different parts of a birth chart, you should do very well in this course. The teaching material includes many visuals, like graphics and animations, which support your learning, especially regarding the astronomical background of the formation of the pentagram. I will do my best to help you learn how the Venus Star operates and supports your growth.

I’m Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Sindy. I’m a hermit soul, astrologer (Hellenistic, certified), and Venus Star Point® practitioner and teacher living in Finland. I teach the mysteries of the Venus cycle and offer various types of astrology readings in English, German, and Finnish. 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇮 Read more here.



Venus Star Course with Sindy | Living in Cycles 2/20/2023

“What a Fantastic Venus Star Course! I had such a pleasure and life-time reward when I studied the “Five-pointed Venus Star, connecting Heaven, Earth and the Underworld” with Sindy to reveal the mystery of Cosmic wisdom and each individual’s unique talents, gifts that we can share to the world. Sindy is a very wise and highly advanced technological soul. She integrates all her knowledge and her own research in an organized and concise manner. This 5-week live and interactive course on Zoom with extra one-to-one reading and bonus of 1-hour final chat gave me an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers with practical examples. The course is beyond my expectations. I greatly honor Sindy’s knowledge of VSP with her profound understanding of astronomy, astrology, history, and spirituality. Take this class and your perception of life and consciousness will highly expand. I read several books related to Venus Star Points and Venus and listened to several talks and interviews on these topics. Those materials could not compare to the live interactive Venus Star Course that will embed in you through life. Sindy’s unique talent can convey complex subjects into simplistic, fun yet insightful knowledge. Thanks a million!”

– Kathy, Washington DC