Saturn Wisdom — Light in the Dark

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⚠️Trigger warning⚠️ What I’m writing here is controversial. It might distress you. If it does, it is not meant for you. It might, however, make you think. I hope it does. If you have been there, you’ll understand. If you are there right now, you will find comfort. The truth is two-sided. Look closer. Should you choose to read, read it all! Read behind the words. See the light in the dark!

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1. You Are Not Special

You came here from the void, and after this life, you go back to the sea of infinite darkness. Your soul will dissolve into the black soup once again. Meanwhile, you can entertain your illusion of individuality.

You are connected to All. You came from All and you go back to All. You are not alone. You don’t need to become someone. You are enough.

2. You Are Not All-Powerful

There will always be someone stronger than you, a force you can’t defeat. You are not in control. Not everything is possible for you. Until you learn this, keep entertaining the illusion of your invincibility.

Some things are not meant to be changed. Hard times are part of the earthly experience. You got to live through them. You can only win through submission.

3. It Doesn’t Matter

Nothing matters. They don’t matter. You don’t matter. You change nothing. You make no difference. The world is indifferent to you. Your sense of your importance and mission deludes you.

You are not responsible for saving the world. You can’t save the world. The world doesn’t need to be saved. People don’t need to be saved. You don’t need to be saved.

4. All Will Be Taken From You

You don’t own anything. You don’t deserve anything. You can’t give anything and you can’t take anything. You came here with nothing, and you’ll leave with nothing. Nothing is yours.

What you have is gifted to you. Joy and delight are all given freely. In the end, all will pass. The pain too.

5. It is Not Your Decision

You are not asked for your opinion. What you think you know makes no difference. You don’t get a choice. You have no say.

You don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need a plan. You are carried. Trust.

Written with deep compassion for all who know the Void. 🖤

Sindy 🕊️


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Sindy 🕊️

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3 thoughts on “Saturn Wisdom — Light in the Dark”

  1. Thank you, that really speaks to my heart. All what you have is gifted to you – and I would like to add, all of your gifts are meant to be given to the world in a way that’s good for all beings. There is a responsiblity in it…(Saturn in Pisces is calling!).

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Irene! I love that you bring up the intention that comes with our gifts. Using what has been given to us for the best of all beings and treating the contributions of others with respect are topics for Saturn in Pisces (and the Libra Venus Star Point era).

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