What’s New? — My Focal Points for the Rest of 2023

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I went on a social media hiatus in the mid of March. Since then, I figured out a few things. So, here are my plans for the rest of 2023. Continue reading and you’ll know what kind of content to expect, where to follow me, and when and why to get a discount on consultations. 🪐 Oh, and I got an invitation for you! 💌

Three Primary Areas

For the rest of 2023, I will primarily focus on the below listed three areas. Something new is emerging as well, as I am collaborating with my soul sister Melissa Bee on a starry project (read more about this further below).

1. Astrology Consultations

My main commitment is to client work. I offer live astrology consultations via Zoom in English, Finnish, and German. I’ve created three types of readings, which are further personalized to my clients’ individual questions and topics they want to get insight into. Additionally, I offer follow-up sessions for existing clients.

  • The Seed of Life 🌱 consultation focuses on interpreting the information contained in your astrological birth chart from a traditional astrology point of few.
  • In the Cycles of Life 🕰️ consultation, we look at the quality of time of different phases of your life—current, past, and near future. These phases are unique to you and they are calculated from your birth chart.
  • The Walking with the Creatrix ✨ consultation sheds light especially on your creative potential and gifts, which you are meant to share with the world, interpreting the five-pointed Venus Star as part of your birth chart.
  • Follow-up 🔁 sessions support you during any phase of your life with astrological insight on any topic that shows up as important.

Discount 25% (Because Saturn)

During my retreat, I was reminded anew of Saturn’s symbolism in my chart, reflecting a huge part of my earthly existence. I’ve lived four decades counseled by Saturn, learning its significance in my life through many hardships. But I’ve also seen invaluable treasures emerging from adversity. I have a big heart for all fellow individuals who are also under the firm guidance of Saturn. 🪐🖤 That’s why I’ve decided to give a 25% discount* on all consultations to anyone experiencing their Saturn Return, which currently means everyone with Saturn in Pisces. I’m also giving a 25% discount* on all consultations to everyone with Saturn in the same sign as the ascendant/rising sign in their birth chart. In other words, all who have Saturn in the first whole sign house natally.

Astrology services page: https://livingincycles.blog/astrology-services/.

2. Astrology Courses

Besides doing client work, I’m teaching the Venus cycle and the formation of the Venus Pentagram ♀️⛤ in an interactive five-week online live course on Zoom. What I’m teaching you in this course is a tool that supports your growth and that you can easily incorporate into your spiritual practice. The course is titled The Five-pointed Venus Star — Connecting Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. The next class starts soon, on Saturday, April 29th. Sign-up is open now and closes on April 27th.

Venus Star Course page: https://livingincycles.blog/next-venus-star-course/.

3. Blog Articles

I’m going to write more here on my blog and not only in English but also in Finnish and German. Last year, I focused on putting out astrological information—mainly about the Venus cycle—on my IG @venus_star_astrologer. I thought it was a good way to provide you with concise info about ongoing transits and other astrology-related topics through social media. However, the restriction of post length on IG has been a challenge. It has taken me a lot of time and energy to fit what I have to say into a short frame. So, I’m freeing myself from the 2200-sign restriction and the short lifespan of Instagram posts. I’ll still post occasionally on IG, but what exactly and how frequently I do not know yet. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my blog below! It’s free.

Collaborating with Melissa Bee

A new project is in the making! My soul sister Melissa from the far-away Buffalo, NY, in the USA, and I have started collaborating on a starry project. ✨

Melissa runs a puppet show, Readings by Krumba & Bellina, which she has been producing since May 2022. Melissa is a highly creative and imaginative soul with great talent and vision. The puppets, the background, and almost the entire equipment are all made by herself!

I love Melissa’s enchanting and intelligent puppet show! The sister witches Krumba and Bellina, looking from two very different perspectives, always have a few wise words to share with us! I had the honor to have a Zoom call with both recently and will be chatting with the puppetress and genius behind the scenes, Melissa herself, very soon! The recording of my talk with Krumba the Swamp Witch will be released on my YouTube channel next Friday, April 21st. You’ll never guess where exactly Krumba lives! Or do you? Pssst, Krumba might have given us a tour of her house in her chat with me…

Now to the big news. In future episodes, you’ll meet Krumba’s and Bellina’s distant cousin Lucinda, who is an astrologer living high on the Zodiac Mountain. You can see her in her observatory in the picture below. Do you recognize any of her books?

Lucinda, Krumba’s and Bellina’s distant cousin, in her observatory on the Zodiac Mountain.

Lucinda has already told Melissa and me what she is going to talk about when she first appears in the show. I’ll be Lucinda’s voice. I’m excited but also nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before. So, let’s see how it goes. Fortunately, I have a well-experienced friend on my side to help a newbie. 🙃 Melissa also does the puppeteering. The main work is all hers.

Melissa’s Instagram: @melissa_the_art_witch

Other Things That Keep Me Busy


I’ll be doing more educational videos about astrology, as well as interviews and talks with other professionals on several astrology-related and other topics. I received a lot of positive feedback on my videos in nature. So, I will keep on doing these, too.

My YouTube: Sindy | Living in Cycles

Coffee & Good Company

I’ve been hosting casual get-togethers on Zoom. I call them Coffee & Good Company. The name reveals the aim, which is to have a cup of coffee and catch up with new and old friends, share ideas, get inspired to collaborate, wonder where the world is going, or just spend some time in silence. Whatever feels right. I’m going to host such meetings also in the future — irregularly as they have been. You are invited! I’ll announce future Coffee & Good Company Zoom meetings in the manner you are used to on my Instagram. The meetings are free and open to everyone.

My Instagram: @venus_star_astrologer

Being the Book Worm

My interest in mythology, culture, and religion has led me to an ongoing adventure. Beginning in spring 2021, I’ve been intrigued especially by the mythology of Inanna/Venus. I’ve started to learn about how the Feminine and the Masculine are depicted in various cultures throughout different times. Studying ancient myths previously unknown to me and diving into the history and culture of the people who wrote them ushers me to keep digging deeper into the history, culture, and religion that raised me. How have things changed over the centuries and millennia? What came before “the beginning”?

Yet to Be Decided

I’ve done monthly Venus cycle previews, tracking transits in relation to Venus and the Venus Pentagram for an entire year. I loved doing these. However, writing such previews is time-consuming. Believe it or not, collecting the astrological data, creating the visuals, and writing the text for the monthly Venus cycle previews are one of the most time-consuming recurring things I’ve done in the past year.

It bothers me that such previews can never be unique to the reader. They can only provide a general picture of the current astrological landscape, which can be very different from what is going on in each individual’s life. I’ve yet to decide how and if I’ll keep doing monthly previews. I might change what I’m concentrating on within the Venus cycle and where I post these previews (maybe here on my blog?). I might also just take a longer break from doing these. Maybe something new wants to emerge instead?


Now you know my plans for the rest of 2023. Besides these, I hope to spend as much time outside in the forests and at the lake as last year. It was a beautiful experience, and I know being with the trees and the forest folk do me good. Nature is spirited and full of wonder.

That’s all for now. I hope to see you around here on my blog and the other channels! Enjoy the season! 🌷🐝

Sindy 🕊️


*excluding follow-ups, offer valid until further notice

Featured image: via Pixabay

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