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NEW: I’m giving a 25% discount* on all consultations (excluding follow-ups) to anyone experiencing their Saturn Return, which currently means everyone with Saturn in Pisces. I’m also giving a 25% discount to anyone with Saturn in the same sign as the ascendant/rising sign in their birth chart. To get the discount, message me via my contact form here.

*offer valid until further notice

If you have any questions or are unsure what type of reading to choose, please contact me, and we’ll figure out together the best suitable type of reading for you right now.

Please read my booking instructions at the bottom of the page before paying.

Birth Chart Reading — SEED OF LIFE 🌱 New Client, 60 Minutes

The Seed of Life Reading is a deep dive into your astrological birth chart, which describes the building material of your individual being and earthly experience. Your birth chart is a map of the cosmic alignments, the day, time, and place you took your first breath. It is a roadmap to your life, providing valuable perspectives on every area of your life, including your purpose, gifts, and challenges. Choose the Seed of Life consultation if you have never had an astrology reading or want to hear about your birth chart from a traditional astrology perspective.


Venus Star Point® and Venus Reading — WALKING WITH THE CREATRIX ✨ New Client, 60 Minutes

The Walking With the Creatrix reading focuses on Venus and the five-pointed star pattern, created by Venus-Sun conjunctions, in your birth chart. Your Venus and your Venus Star Point® symbolize your heart-mind-body connection. This reading gives insight into your creative potential, relationships, and unique talent you are meant to share with the world. Choose the Walking With the Creatrix reading if you are wondering what is your unique gift, what feeds your creativity, where your creative energy is currently focused, and how you can understand the dynamics of your relationships.


Life Cycles Reading — CYCLES OF LIFE 🕰️ New Client, 60 Minutes

The Cycles of Life reading provides insight into the different chapters of your life through an ancient technique called zodiacal releasing. It helps you make the most out of each phase by identifying resources to navigate successfully through the ups and downs on your path. This reading guides you to see how the seed of your life (your birth chart) unfolds. Choose the Cycles of Life reading if you want to shed light on the quality of time you are currently facing. This consultation also helps you understand past experiences and how these relate to the present and future.


Follow-Up 🔁 Existing Client, 45 Minutes

Have you already had a reading with me? Do you want to go deeper into a specific topic of your chart? Do you need to shed light on a past experience that has recently troubled your mind? Has your life made a turn? Do you seek a fresh perspective on the present, past, or near future? As a recurring client, you benefit from our past session(s) and my familiarity with your chart and life cycles. Whatever topic or phase of life you want to explore deeper, this consultation is made to support you in your goal.


All prices include preparation time, a personalized PDF created by me with your astrological birth chart, a live consultation via Zoom, and a recording of the consultation.

How to Book?

Booking is easy. Choose a type of reading. Pay via the PayPal button. After you’ve paid, fill in the form below. I’ll be answering your request within 72 hours.

Your Astrologer

Hi, I’m Sindy. I’m a hermit soul, astrologer (Hellenistic, certified), and Venus Star Point® practitioner and teacher living in Finland. I teach the mysteries of the Venus cycle and offer various types of astrology readings in English, German, and Finnish. 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇮

I offer consultations based on your astrological birth chart and unique life cycles calculated from it. You get a PDF with your birth chart in every consultation with me. Depending on the type of reading, the file contains additional charts and lists I prepared for you. We will meet live via Zoom. You don’t need a Zoom account yourself. Only a computer/mobile phone with a stable internet connection is required. If you wish, our meeting will be recorded, and a link to the password-protected recording file will be emailed to you after the consultation.

My practice is based primarily on techniques rooted in traditional Western astrology. I’m here to support you in getting to know yourself and your life path better and making the best out of each phase of your life. I believe in choice within the frames of destiny.