August 10, 2020

As announced in a previous blog post, I’ve decided to commit myself to further training my intuition. I hope doing so will be useful not only for my personal life but also to getting a more well-rounded approach in client work. I love the mercurial, reason-based foundations of the various techniques in traditional astrology. However, there is also a non-mercurial side to astrology, especially when reading a person’s birth chart and life cycles in a consultation setting.

You could do astrology purely on a technical level, without incorporating any intuitive guidance the universe may offer you. Just read what you see in the chart, right? But even then, how do you see what you see in a chart? Ever experienced that something you usually not focus on that much pops right into your eyes when seeing someone’s chart the first time?

I believe it is essential to acquire a good set of techniques you handle well. I also think that it is of great value to have a personal relationship with the Creator, God, the Source, the All, or how ever you may call it. The universe, our solar system, planet Earth are all part of the creation, just like ourselves. We are connected to each other but also to the higher realms, as it were. As above, so below is one of the Hermetic principles.

This connection within the creation is what I want to dive deeper into. I’m excited by thinking of what I may find on my way of seeking more understanding of the principles of creation and their signature in our daily lives. Let’s get this journey started. ✨

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