September 20, 2020

Last week I made a nice find in a second-hand store in the city—a blouse made of royal blue colored wild silk. Today I sewed a tarot cloth from its back. The shiny fabric with its color fits great with the bright images of the Radiant Rider-Waite cards.

I continued my research about what would be the best way to start entrepreneurship. I already had decided earlier this year starting as light entrepreneur, but it turned out that the invoicing service I was planning to use doesn’t allow for invoicing international clients.

Luckily I found another company with services for light entrepreneurs that does make invoicing international clients possible. Alternatively, I could start my own business taking care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy myself. The light entrepreneurship service I found has a sister company through which starting your own business seems a bit easier than usual. Still, this kind of entrepreneurship requires much more work and considerations.

I already asked the cards (September 13) about the outcome if I decided to go with light entrepreneurship providing services only nationally versus starting my own business (which allows me to invoice worldwide). It didn’t look good for national bound light entrepreneurship (The Tower, Knight of Cups reversed). Starting my own business also looked a bit difficult (Two of Pentacles reversed, The Moon).

Today I asked again, but this time for light entrepreneurship with the possibility to invoice internationally versus starting my own business. Looks like starting as a light entrepreneur and invoicing through a company that makes invoicing on an international level possible would be a good choice. The cards I got were the Knight of Wands and the Ace of Wands.

Starting my own business was judged with the reversed Empress card. The second card was The Chariot. Although the Chariot card is a positive one, the reversed Empress is not a good sign for starting your own business. The Knight and Ace of Wands indicate a much better start and progression. The second card in this reading gives, as in the reading from September 13, further insights.

So basically, the choice is between:

  • The Tower (+ reversed Knight of Cups) symbolizing national bound light entrepreneurship
  • The Two of Pentacles reversed (+ The Moon), and The Empress reversed (+ The Chariot) signifying starting my own business
  • The Knight of Wands (+ Ace of Wands) symbolizing light entrepreneurship with the possibility for invoicing worldwide

Interestingly, both first cards symbolizing starting my own business were reversed cards. All second cards, except the Ace of Wands, are related to water. At the moment, it makes the impression that going with light entrepreneurship and having the possibility to offer consultations to international clients is the preferable choice.

The Knight of Wands and the Ace of Wands pair seem the most in alignment and suiting to symbolize starting entrepreneurship. Also, the Knight of Wands has lizards on his shirt. A sign? You know I am friends with the lizard in the King of Wands card. 🦎

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