The Libra Venus Star Point Shaping the Future — What’s YOUR Part in It?

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On October 22, a significant astrological event occurred. The same event marked the starting point for substantial changes, shaping history previously from 1771 to 1880 and beyond. This event’s occurrence in October this year was an indicator of a new beginning in our times. It will color the next hundred years ahead.

In this post, I am sharing my findings as I dug deep into the past, researching an older period of this event that simultaneously fell into an era of another well-known astrological cycle, the same era humanity reentered in 2020.

Join me in my quest for the answers to what the past reveals about our future and our collective role in shaping the years to come!


  1. What Am I Talking About?
  2. What Is the Venus Star?
  3. A Threefold Connection
  4. Overlapping Cycles
  5. From Scorpio to Libra
  6. Time Frame and Zodiac Signs
  7. What Happened Back Then?
  8. The Weight of Saturn
  9. Positive Outcomes
  10. Reflections
  11. Notions About Libra
  12. My Turn, Your Turn, Our Turn

1. What Am I Talking About?

I’m talking about the roughly 100-year Libra Venus Star Point (VSP) period that began on October 22, 2022, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020 that ushered us into a 200-year era of the air element, as the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, happening every 20 years, will now occur in the signs of the air element – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius (prior, Jupiter and Saturn had their meetings in the three signs of the earth element).

You may have already heard of the Great Mutation cycle of Jupiter and Saturn, which indicates significant social, economic, and political changes. But even if you’re not familiar with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, you have for sure witnessed the worldwide turmoil that began in the same year, asking yourself what it all means (part of it is mirrored through the also rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which happened in the same year).

You may have also come across the Venus Star Point® system and the five-pointed Venus Star on social media. There has been a lot of interest lately and much information spreading, especially during the past couple of weeks. People are becoming increasingly aware of the liminal space we are in.

These two astrological cycles, the Great Mutation cycle of Jupiter and Saturn and the Venus Star cycle, indicate massive shifts. Aware of the current astrology or not, we all can feel it. We can sense the push for change.

Before I go ahead, I will give a quick overview of the significance of the Venus Star for those not familiar with this deeply revealing astrological tool.

2. What Is the Venus Star?

In short, the Venus Star (aka Venus Pentagram) is a five-pointed star pattern created in the sky in eight years by conjunctions of planet Venus with the Sun as seen from Earth.

The conjunctions of Venus and the Sun give birth to Venus as the Morning Star and Evening Star, respectively. Each Morning Star phase is followed by an Evening Star phase, again followed by a Morning Star phase, and so on. The Venus Star is built by five successive conjunctions of the same phase.

Picture: Venus Star with transits Nov 10, 2022. The yellow star marks where the focus is currently on the Star – Libra. Chart created with Planetdance.

There is more! In actuality, ten conjunctions of Venus and the Sun take place in eight years, meaning Venus forms two five-pointed stars in the sky simultaneously, one built of Morning Star Points and another of Evening Star Points. The two stars have their points in the same zodiac signs and close to the same degrees. Wow! 🤩

The Venus cycle is full of other fascinating facts, which I won’t go into here because I want to keep this blog post as concise as possible. So, I’m going straight to the question, what does the Venus Star symbolize?

3. A Threefold Connection

The Sun is a symbol of the spirit, the mind, and the ego. Venus represents the heart, desire, and relationships. From this, we can conclude that the conjunction of Venus and the Sun reflects the head-heart connection.

What actually happens, though, is that a Venus-Sun conjunction is an alignment of Venus with the Sun and Earth. Therefore, I call it the head-heart-body connection (Sun-Venus-Earth). The Spirit manifests itself through the heart on the material plane. We, through our physical bodies, are part of this manifestation.

Keeping in mind the symbolism of the celestial bodies involved, the Venus Pentagram symbolizes creative energy and the flow thereof. On a personal level, as part of your birth chart, it points to your motivating life principle, the creative force within you, your true desire, and the unique gift you are meant to share with the world. The Venus Star sheds light on your relationship dynamics and indicates the cyclical unfolding of your life. On a larger scale, the Venus Star mirrors the changing quality of time over the ages, giving the frame for humanity’s evolution.

By becoming aware of the messages the Venus Pentagram transmits we can better understand creation, deepen our relationship with the Divine, and grow as individuals taking part in shaping the future. Working with the Venus Pentagram benefits the individual and, through the individual, the collective.

The Venus Pentagram is a tool that supports self-awareness and personal growth. It indicates how time changes and, with it, the challenges we face. The shift in the quality of time and our place and role in it is what I am going to focus on in this blog post. What is the message of the Venus Star for us, for me and you, living in the 21st century?

4. Overlapping Cycles

As part of my Venus Star Point® practitioner and teacher certification last year, I investigated one of the 100-year Libra VSP periods. Since we just entered a new era of the air element, as indicated by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020, I thought it would be interesting to research what happened during the Libra VSP transit during the previous era of the air element.

My idea by looking at the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the Venus Star Point periods is that overlapping cycles of two astrological techniques should give a clearer picture of what the future holds for us, helping us to prepare and make the best out of it.

The previous air element era, indicated by the Great Mutation cycle of Jupiter and Saturn, spans from 1186 to 1425. The Libra VSP period of that era reached from 1277 to 1378. The life mate VSP of Libra, Pisces, also brings new energy into the quality of time in periods when the Libra VSP is active, as they both join the Venus Star approximately at the same time. The Pisces VSP of the previous era of the air element was active between 1288 and 1388. Combining the two techniques and VSP periods, I focused on studying what happened between 1277 and 1388.

During my research, I also found a significant coincidence with the zodiac sign of Cancer which came to be part of the Venus Star back in 1346 and will be part of its current formation again in 2103. Let’s now look at the Venus Star’s sign changes during the period I’ve mentioned above.

5. From Scorpio to Libra

The five points of the Venus Pentagram move clockwise (backward, like the lunar nodes) through the zodiac, entering a new sign at its last degree (30°) and moving from there to its beginning (0°). Each point needs about 100 years to travel through an entire sign.

We just witnessed how the VSP that previously went through Scorpio entered Libra on October 22. This VSP will revisit Scorpio in 2026, after which it will continue its journey through Libra until 2131. The 100-year Scorpio VSP era that began in 1926 will end in 2026. The transition of the Scorpio VSP to Libra points to a paradigm shift within our consciousness, affecting our social life.

The points on the Venus Star change signs at different times. Some signs on the Venus Star are life mates (like Libra and Pisces), beginning and fading out at approximately the same time. Libra’s life mate Pisces’ VSP period of the previous era of the air element started in 1288 and ended in 1388. The Pisces period of our current time will begin in 2041 and end in 2133.

6. Time Frame and Zodiac Signs

The Libra-Pisces VSP period of 1277 to 1388 coincides with the beginning of the Late Middle Ages. The Late Middle Ages extended approximately from 1300 to 1500.

Other signs on the Venus Pentagram during this Libra-Pisces period were:

  • Gemini 1211-1320, VSP moved into Taurus in 1323
  • Leo 1234-1343, VSP moved into Cancer in 1346
  • Capricorn 1237-1333, VSP moved into Sagittarius in 1336

The same signs are/will be on the current Venus Star as follows:

  • Gemini 1964-2073, VSP moves into Taurus in 2076
  • Capricorn 1986-2078, VSP moves into Sagittarius in 2081
  • Leo 1987-2100, VSP moves into Cancer in 2103

7. What Happened Back Then?

I suspected finding mainly positive outcomes of the Venus Star Point transits through the signs and historical period I had chosen. The rulers of both signs (Venus for Libra and Jupiter for Pisces) are naturally beneficial.

However, the most significant events I came across coinciding with this period in history are, at first sight, contradicting the beneficence related to Venus and Jupiter. Namely, this period coincides with the so-called Little Ice Age and a series of famines and plagues, including the Great Famine of 1315 to 1317 and the Black Death between 1346 and 1353. These events reduced the population in Europe to around half of what it had been before the calamities.

It baffled me, especially that during the Black Death, three signs associated with Venus and two signs associated with Jupiter were active: Libra from 1277, Pisces from 1288, Taurus from 1323, and Sagittarius from 1336. However, the sign coinciding with the plaque directly is Cancer, activated in the year the disease began to spread.

I was asking myself, how can I make sense of this? So many good signs and this devastating outcome? Even if other astrological cycles indicated adversaries, why could the Venus Star not prevent or mitigate these terrible events? Can I find anything positive?

8. The Weight of Saturn

When looking at the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, we see that in 1345, there was a conjunction in Saturn’s masculine sign Aquarius that would signify the themes and quality of time for the next twenty years until the next conjunction in 1365.

We remember we were also in the era of the air element at this point. Saturn has great dignity in two signs of the air triplicity, ruling Aquarius and being exalted in Libra. Saturn is also the primary ruler of the air element by day (Mercury rules air by night). In comparison, Venus rules Libra but has no dignity in the other air signs. Jupiter is participating ruler of the air element but has no rulership over any of the air signs. From this point of view, Saturn, the greater malefic, has more weight and say as the benefics in the air triplicity.

Picture: Children of the Planet Saturn, Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601–1678).

As mentioned above, the last cycle of the air element spanned from 1186 to 1425. The minor twenty-year period of 1345 to 1365 was also under the rulership of Saturn through the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. The double weight of restrictive Saturn during that period could be a substantial factor limiting the otherwise beneficial indications of that time.

The inception charts of that period’s Libra and Pisces VSPs, are revealing, beginning with the WSH placement at 0°N 0°E in the 8th house of death for Libra and the 12th house of loss for Pisces. Saturn is either copresent in the same sign (Pisces VSP) or within ten degrees, although out of sign, (Libra VSP) of the Venus-Sun conjunction in both cases. In the case of the Pisces VSP, we also must keep in mind that Saturn has its joy in the 12th house.

There are, for sure other astrological cycles and indicators for that period in history that also can give further insight.

You may wonder what WSHs the current Libra VSP and the Pisces VSP to come are falling. Well, The Libra VSP of 2022 at 0°N 0°E is located in the 5th house of pleasure and creativity, the place where Venus has her joy. The Pisces VSP of 2041 falls, like the one in 1288, in the 12th house of loss. I’m purposely not including these charts and their interpretations here because otherwise, this post will never end. 😄

9. Positive Outcomes

Some positive outcomes that the quality of this Libra/Pisces VSP period brought forth can be found, though. Namely, the diminishing population also meant a decrease in workmen, making these people more valuable. Laborers demanded new rights, shorter workdays, and better payment.

Many peasant revolts were happening during this period, bringing significant social changes. Food got cheaper, too, and people could use their higher earnings to improve their diet. Now, they could buy more meat, which for many hadn’t been possible before. I’ve read the 14th century is regarded the golden age of working people.

This time saw people speaking out for social equality, among them English priest John Ball (c. 1338-1381), who spoke in an open-air sermon to the Kentish rebels who had freed him from prison in which he was thrown because of his beliefs, which differed from those of the church’s (he was excommunicated and later executed).

When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman? From the beginning all men by nature were created alike, and our bondage or servitude came in by the unjust oppression of naughty men. For if God would have had any bondmen from the beginning, he would have appointed who should be bond, and who free. And therefore I exhort you to consider that now the time is come, appointed to us by God, in which ye may (if ye will) cast off the yoke of bondage, and recover liberty.

Excerpt of John Ball’s speech
Picture: John Ball encouraging Wat Tyler rebels from ca 1470 MS of Froissart Chronicles in BL, unknown artist, marked as public domain.

One other significant change during this period was that poets and writers began to write in their mother tongue and not in Latin as it had been the custom. One of them was Dante Alighieri, who wrote The Divine Comedy (1308-1314) in Italian. The end of this Libra/Pisces VSP transit saw the translation of the Bible into English by John Wycliffe. Most people couldn’t read or understand Latin, meaning this change brought literature to a broader audience and ordinary people.

This period also witnessed the spreading of Gothic architecture and the emergence of the Ars Nova musical style. A bit of activity of the Troubadours could also still be seen at the beginning of this VSP transit, although their high point was in the High Middle Ages, and they declined by the end of the 13th century.

Vos qui admiramini by Philippe de Vitry, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Other, not all-so-happy events during this time: the destruction of the Knights Templar (murdered by French king Philip the Fair, order disbanded in 1312); Western Schism and Avignon Papacy (1309 to 1376), during which the Popes moved to Avignon; the beginning of the hundred years war between France and England (1337, after Sagittarius VSP activated in 1336), Marco Polo’s travels through Asia.

10. Reflections

This period of great calamities made people ponder the cycle of life and death and their relationships with each other. Values, faith, and questions of social (in)justice rise during times of adversary like this VSP transit had been.

New hope for a more equal society arose with the peasant revolts and writers and poets that began to write in the language of the ordinary people. This change was the starting point for intellectual growth on all levels of society, which was developed further during the Renaissance period, which gave birth to new art, music, and literature. Interestingly, the Renaissance fell in the era of the water and fire elements, in which Venus and Jupiter have much dignity (especially in the water element) and Saturn only a little.

At the beginning of this post, I wrote that the Venus Star is about creative energy and its flow. Destruction is an essential part of creation. Everything new is preceded by a phase of dissolving the old. We are in this transitional stage, a liminal space between old and new.

11. Notions About Libra

ModalityElementPolarityRuling PlanetExaltationFall
CardinalAir 🜁MasculineVenus ♀Saturn ♄Sun ☉
Table: Libra dignity chart

It’s easy and pleasant to dwell on the symbolism of the ruling planet of Libra, Venus. The drive for equality, fairness, social justice, and harmony is rightfully linked with Libra, the Scales. Lady Justice, who holds scales in one hand (usually her left), is a well-known association with Libra. But what does the Lady carry in her other hand (usually her right)? A double-edged sword!

Like it or not, discernment and punishment are linked with justice. This is one of the reasons why Saturn, the farthest and slowest of the seven traditional planets associated with the law of sewing and reaping, has its exaltation in Libra. All other planets visible to the naked eye circle within the sphere of Saturn. Saturn objectively oversees it all, every deed, every injustice but also every action of goodwill. Saturn is the ultimate watchman.

In Babylonian astrology, the Scales and the Sun both have a special relationship to Saturn. This planet is often called ‘the star of the sun’ or ‘the path of the sun’ in astrological omens and commentaries, and like the sun, it can also be called the ‘star of truth and justice’. This association between the Sun, Saturn, and the Scales is known from astrology texts dating to the 13th century BCE and can also be seen in some of the earlier versions of the Astrolabes.

Babylonian Star-Lore: An Illustrated Guide to the Star-Lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia, Gavin White, 3rd Edition, 2014.

The sword also reminds me of Libra’s polar opposite, Mars-ruled Aries. Libra carries the fiery Arien energy in its backpack and can be a fighter for a noble cause. But not only is the Arien energy part of Libra’s secret equipment. Aries is also still an active part of the Venus Pentagram, influencing its energies until 2037. This makes an opposition/sign polarity on the Venus Pentagram, which is rare.

With the Libra/Aries pair, we have, for a while, three signs of cardinal modality (Capricorn is the third) on the Venus Star, which is the majority of points! The cardinal signs mark turning points on the ecliptic and the annual cycle of the seasons.

The idea of justice and punishment related to Libra is old, reaching back to Babylonian astrology, where scales and a saw were attributes of the Sun god Shamash (Sumerian Utu), the god of truth and justice.

Sun god Shamash with saw and scales, Akkadian cylinder seal.

Depiction from Babylonian Star-Lore: An Illustrated Guide to the Star-Lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia, p. 230, Gavin White, 3rd Edition, 2014.

The downside of Libra can be fear of rocking the boat, therefore convincing oneself to see love, peace, and harmony where there is none. In those cases, being reminded of Libra’s polar energy of cardinal fire (Aries), Libra’s ancient association with the Sun god and his scales and saw, and Saturn (responsibility) can help find the courage to speak up.

Another profound meaning of the symbolism of Libra is embedded in the fact that Libra, the Scales, was once the claws of the Scorpion.

Even though the Claws or Horns of the Scorpion were overlaid with the newly created constellation of the Scales, they were still occasionally mentioned in astrology omens and appear as a distinct entity in star-lists such as Mul-Apin.

Like the rest of the Scorpion, the omens associated with its claws foretell the fortunes of the king in battle: “If the Horns of the Scorpion are twisted: the enemy will attack but will fall in battle”. The interpretation of another similar omen – ‘if the Horns of the Scorpion carry radiance: the king will conquer his enemies’ reveals part of the encoding system employed by Babylonian astrologers.

In this case, the term ‘carrying radiance’ doesn’t refer to a specific planet like the colour codes seen elsewhere, but rather means that a highly benevolent planet is present in this part of the sky – the commentaries reveal that Saturn is the planet in question.

The auspicious nature of the prediction prefigures the latter-day exaltation of Saturn in Libra, which is still recognised in modern astrology. In contrast, if Saturn is located elsewhere in the Scorpion, it is considered to be very unfavourable – royal astrologers warn the king not to go out of the palace until it leaves the Scorpion and warn him to guard himself against uprising and rebellion.

Babylonian Star-Lore: An Illustrated Guide to the Star-Lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia, Gavin White, 3rd Edition, 2014.

Many social reformers and activists were born during the previous Libra VSP era, which reached from 1771 to 1880. Among them, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Nov 12, 1815, Libra MS, double crown), Susan B. Anthony (Feb 15, 1820, Libra ES), Annie Besant (Oct 1, 1847, Libra MS, triple crown), and Helen Keller (Jun 27, 1880, Libra MS, one of the last Libra VSPs of that era). These ladies fought for more equality and a better world for everyone with the sword of the word, the intellect, and the mind, which Libra is a representation of.

*MS = Morning Star phase, *ES = Evening Star phase, *double crown = Venus with VSP, *triple crown = Venus and Sun with VSP

As a Venus-ruled air sign, Libra is concerned with the mental processes that influence and color our interactions with other people. Ethics, morals, values, virtue, democracy, fair distribution of common goods, and leadership rooted in genuine love for the fellow human are some keywords for Libra.

Have you ever thought about what the Scales measure? The Egyptian concept of Ma’at gives an answer to that question. It is our hearts that are measured against the feather of Ma’at, representing truth, justice, and cosmic order.

Picture: Judgment scene from the Book of the Dead. In the three scenes from the Book of the Dead (version from ~1275 BCE), the dead man (Hunefer) is taken into the judgment hall by the jackal-headed Anubis. The next scene is the weighing of his heart, with Ammut awaiting the result and Thoth recording. Next, the triumphant Hunefer, having passed the test, is presented by the falcon-headed Horus to Osiris, seated in his shrine with Isis and Nephthys. (British Museum). Picture: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain), Hunefer.

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians believed the heart, not the brain, was the location of thought, intelligence, memory, and wisdom?

12. My Turn, Your Turn, Our Turn

Like many other astrological techniques, the Venus Star mirrors the quality of time. Right now, it supports change. BUT change for the better is not miraculously manifesting itself while we lay back in our armchairs. A brighter future is not automatically bestowed upon us. We have to do our part.

The quality of time and its shifting nature is part of fate, and right now, it points toward change shaking us awake, yes, but we consciously have to direct it to make good changes happen. Improvement requires diligent work. We are gifted with an excellent opportunity to shape a better world for everyone. How do we do that?

First, know thyself. Now is the time to gain awareness of who you are and what you are here to share. What kind is the creative force within you? How can you use it to build a better future for yourself and the people around you?

Among the many areas that make up human life, right now, think of everything related to the air element because this is where change wants to take place. What is air? Air is about the mental plane, the mind, and intellect. What you think, what you believe, how you explain your experiences, what you value, all is air. Memories, communication, transfer of information, mobility, ideologies, worldview, your faith are air.

The shift from Scorpio to Libra on the Venus Pentagram does not only reflect changes on a broader societal level. It also reflects a development in almost everyone’s personal life because nearly everyone living on planet Earth at this point in time has Scorpio somewhere on their Venus Star, meaning as that VSP enters Libra, it also highlights a new life area entering a new whole sign house. The change will be more prominent if your Venus Star Point, the head of your five-pointed Venus Star, happens to be Scorpio.

You can figure out the messages of the Venus Pentagram for you personally by looking at the Venus Star in your birth chart and how it informs your creative potential, relationship dynamics, and life cycles. Look where the shift from Scorpio to Libra takes place in your life (indicated by the VSP’s house placement). By knowing yourself and harnessing your creative potential toward building a brighter future, you actively participate in humanity’s evolution, fulfilling your purpose and helping everyone.

Who are you?

What changes do you want to see?

What’s your part in shaping the future?

I wish us all more (self)awareness and courage to make the changes we need to create a better future for everyone. May hope and goodwill live and grow in our hearts.

Thank you for reading❣️

Sindy 🕊️

P.S. Learn more 👉 I’ve mentioned the Venus cycle and the pentagram pattern it creates in previous posts here on my blog (1, 2, 3). I also regularly post about the Venus Star on my IG @venus_star_astrologer. Check also out my YouTube channel! If you want to study the mysteries of the Venus cycle and the Venus Star in-depth, sign up for my five-week online live course. For professional astrology readings, see here.



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