Guard Your Heart and Keep the Light | Moving Into a New Era

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12

These words have been swirling in my head for some years and lately more often than ever before. They are part of Christ‘s description of what is called the end times. We are eight months into 2020. At this point, most of us have realized that some significant change is going on. Astrologically, 2020 is the year we are moving into a whole new era. We are indeed facing an end, but also a fresh start.

This shift is indicated mostly by a rare coincidence of conjunctions of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Especially the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn has been playing a big role in mirroring world history and its cycles from ancient times onwards. These two giants conjoin every 20 years, their conjunctions shift from one element to the next roughly every 200 years, and they return to the same element about every 800 years.

On December 21, 2020, the day of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, we have a new conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn coming up. This takes place in Saturn‘s masculine domicile Aquarius. It is the start of a series of conjunctions in the air element. In the previous 200-ish years, these conjunctions have been taken place, with two exceptions, in signs of the earth element. At the end of 2020, we are finally shifting elements from earth to air. A new era begins.

The last time humanity experienced an elemental air era was between 1186 and 1405. The list below on the left shows the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions over the previous couple of hundred years up to 2219 highlighting their elemental shifts. The second graphic (Astro-Seek) on the right shows these conjunctions displayed in a zodiac wheel. The third graph (Planetdance) displays the coming together of conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in 1980-1983 and 2020. Note the closeness of these conjunctions in 2020.

When I first read the disturbing words Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, I was very young in faith and wondering what wickedness on Earth could cause such a terrible thing as that the love of most people would grow cold. Besides injustice and evildoing, Jesus mentions the appearance of false prophets, earthquakes, wars, and famine, as well as the persecution of believers. 

In this passage, Christ speaks about his followers—people who had experienced a profound transformation in their life. Men and women who have been reborn from Spirit. No matter your culture, conviction, or religion, if you ever experienced any sudden transformation finding deep peace within, you probably remember that strong compassion and love for other people you started to feel right after. You had good intentions for everybody. Being kind and forgiving came naturally to you. You felt like giving the whole world a big hug. Do you still feel the same these days?

Many of us have been experiencing a couple of difficult months this year. In some parts of the world, the restrictions due to COVID-19 are very strict, and disregards are punished financially or through exclusion. Some of us are luckier and live under lighter restricting circumstances. More or less, the current situation does affect all of us in some way.

We live in a time that lets us ask how far our right of self-determination goes. When do we need to make a personal sacrifice for the greater good of all? Is it necessary now? Who decides what the rules are and how to follow them? We also see mistrust rising. A battle between right and false information is going on. Who to believe?

During the last weeks and months, I have seen and heard things that remind me very strongly of the alarming words in Matthew 24:12. It has been very sad to witness how some COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions combined with fear have led people to exclude, disdain, and even hate each other. The current world situation has shown to be prone to let people divide society into us against them, me against you.

Even people who have been talking much about love and light and the rise of a new golden era got caught by the current splitting atmosphere, passing on the same damaging mindset to their followers. We are so easily influenced by what happens around us, and even the purest intentions in our hearts do not automatically prevent us from developing a harming spirit.

All this is not a surprise if one understands the symbolism of astrology. Jupiter and Saturn are associated with societal matters, the law, and order—the rules for living together and the consequences if one does not respect these. Together with Pluto’s conjunctions and planet Mars’ extended stay in his masculine domicile Aries for the rest of this year, we get quite a lot of pressure on these topics.

So, we are on the edge of a new era that asks us to remember and reconcile our shared values and what foundation we want our society to be built on. Hopefully, the decisions we will make are for the good of all, just and protecting our right for self-determination. I hope we manage to keep our intentions pure, our sight clear, and our spirits bright.

Wishing us all a fearless heart. 🕊️



Edit January 11, 2021: Changed list of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions with better coloring.

Sources and further reading:

Bible Hub. Matthew 24.



Image: Stefan Keller | Pixabay

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