Investigating Correspondences Between Numerology and Astrology Part 4 — Introducing Numerology by Nicolas David Ngan (Originally Transmitted by Frank Alper)

Now we come to part 4 of this series, which introduces you to a numerology system channeled by Frank Alper. He called it the “Spiritual Numerology of Moses.” Alper’s system is today carried on, among others, by one of his students Nicolas David Ngan.

This article is a short introduction to Alper’s system taught by Nicolas David Ngan in his book Your Soul Contract Decoded—Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology (2013). 

The other parts of this series deal with the foundations of numerology (part 1), the Chaldean numerology system according to Cheiro (part 2), and the Pythagorean system as taught by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker (part 3).

  1. Who was Frank Alper?
  2. The work of Nicolas David Ngan
  3. Basic assumptions
  4. Numbers in this system
  5. The chart with the Star of David figure
  6. How to convert your name
  7. Assigning your numbers to the figure
  8. An example chart
  9. Number interpretations
  10. Channeled symbols
  11. Associations with astrology and the Tree of Life
  12. The most tricky part of the system
  13. My thoughts
  14. What next?

1. Who was Frank Alper?

Frank Alper (22. January 1930, New York, US – 7. December 2007, Switzerland) was a spiritual teacher, healer, and channel. He is known for his trilogy Exploring Atlantis and introducing a healing technique using crystals, which he named Energenetics®.

In 1974 he founded the Arizona Metaphysical Society in Phoenix, which he in 1980 aligned with the Church of Tzaddi. Alper channeled what he called the “Spiritual Numerology of Moses” in the 1980’s over a period of nine months.

2. The work of Nicolas David Ngan

Nicolas David Ngan met Frank Alper first in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1990 when he participated in a week-long spiritual training. After getting a reading from Frank, Nicolas decided to stay in the United States for several months to learn the “Spiritual Numerology of Moses” Alper was teaching.

After returning to the United Kingdom, Nicolas began reading charts for people around the world. In 2002, he and Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire established the Center for Conscious Ascension in Surrey, UK. Besides delivering readings, the center provides training for practitioners and those who wish to pass this numerology system on to others. Nicolas David Ngan, in his own work, calls this system “Soul Contract Reading.”

Nicolas David Ngan’s book Your Soul Contract Decoded—Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology was published in 2013.

3. Basic assumptions

The system works with the idea of reincarnation and karma. In the preface of his book, Ngan explains his understanding of karma, writing “…karma is a set of unresolved issues from past lives, which the soul brings in to overcome in this life time.”

Frank Alper himself, in an interview with Hank Dolmatch on “Exploring Atlantis,” says karma means experience and relates to the physical incarnation, which at some point in a soul’s evolution becomes unnecessary. According to Alper, after completing its evolutionary cycle on planet Earth, the soul moves to a planet of higher frequencies where it continues its evolution. At some point, so Alper, in the interview, the soul reaches a point where it continues its growth on a pure energy level.

Another assumption of this system is that sound is creative. In chapter one of his book, Nicolas David Ngan writes: “…your birth certificate name creates your life from the moment you are conceived to the moment your physical body dies or you fully ascend.” And further: “… the soul chose its name which would then create the optimal incarnate experience for it to know, learn about and experience itself as more of All That Is through the process we call life.”

4. Numbers in this system

The Soul Contract Reading system works with numbers 1 to 22 based on the amount of letters of the Hebrew alphabet it uses.

Master numbers in this system are 3, 7, 12, 13, and 18. The book does not talk much about the meaning and derivation of the master numbers. It only says that these numbers “come with greatly increased power in all aspects; they make particularly challenging karmic aspects to be overcome.”

5. The chart with the Star of David figure

The chart used in the Soul Contract Reading system makes use of a figure called the Star of David. It consists of two triangles. The downward-pointing triangle symbolizes the physical side of one’s life. The upward-pointing triangle signifies the spiritual aspects of it.

Both triangles include a karma, talent, and goal number. The final number, the Soul Destiny (or life purpose) written in the middle of the figure, is the sum of all numbers. In his book, Nicolas David Ngan calls this chart the “Soul Contract” or the “Spiritual Map” of your life.

The Star of David figure as used in a Soul Contract Reading system, according to Nicolas David Ngan. The upward-pointing triangle signifies spiritual matters, the downward-pointing triangle symbolizes the physical aspects of life.

According to this system, we spent roughly five cycles of seven years (until age 35) keeping ourselves busy with matters of the physical triangle. Around age 35 to 42, in the sixth cycle, we transfer from the physical to the spiritual triangle, which symbolizes how the soul wishes to be of service here on Earth.

6. How to convert your name

In a Soul Contract Reading, your name, as written in your birth certificate, is converted into the equivalent Hebrew phonetic sounds and further into their matching numbers. The Soul Contract Reading system follows to some extent that of the Hebrew standard gematria. It, however, differs in a few points.

Namely, the Hebrew standard gematria continues after number ten in intervals of tens. After ten comes twenty, then thirty, forty, and so on. After reaching number one hundred, the system continues in intervals of hundreds. After one hundred comes two hundred, then three hundred, four hundred, and so forth.

The Soul Contract Reading system instead assigns numbers to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in an ordinal sequence, starting from one and ending with twenty-two. It also uses only two instead of five final Hebrew letter forms, namely Mem and Peh.

A specialty in this system, based on the goal to convert names into phonetic sounds, is the assignments of numbers to combination letters. For example, the English letters »S« and »H« written together as »SH« make only one sound. This sound correlates with the Hebrew letter Shin. Therefore, whenever this letter combination occurs, making a [ʃ] sound, you assign only one number to it. In the case of this system, number 21.

Below a table from part 1 of this series comparing the assignments of numbers to letters in different systems. On the right, you see the correlations between numbers and letters as used in Hebrew standard gematria. The system second from right displays the assignment of numbers to the English alphabet as used in the Soul Contract Reading system.

Comparison of the assignment of numbers to letters of the 26-letter Latin alphabet in different numerology systems and Hebrew standard gematria.

As you can see, the Soul Contract Reading system has mostly similarities to the Hebrew standard gematria and the Chaldean system, which is likewise based on a phonetic conversion of names and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

However, the Chaldean system works only with root numbers, whereas the Soul Contract Reading system uses the ordinal numbers of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Thus, it works with numbers 1 to 22. Also, the Chaldean system doesn’t assign the number nine to any letter. Why this is, you can read in part 2 of this series.

As you know from part 1, the assignment of numbers to letters in Hebrew standard gematria has a practical and natural side to it as letters were (and are to some extent still) used themselves representing numerical values. For example, dates are traditionally written in Hebrew letters. This is the reason why this system uses intervals of tens and hundreds.

Despite these differences, when only considering root numbers, we find remarkable similarities. For example, in the Chaldean system, the letter »N« corresponds with number 5. The Soul Contract Reading system assigns number 14 to letter »N«, and the Hebrew standard gematria gives it a value of 50. The root number of 5, 14, and 50 is 5.

Your Soul Contract Decoded has tables with correlations of numbers to letters of the Hebrew and English alphabets on pages 18 to 21. These may give you a better overview of the assignments in this system. 

After you have converted your birth name into numbers, you are ready to assign these to the Star of David figure.

7. Assigning your numbers to the figure

A blank chart for your calculations you find in the book on page 38. Unfortunately, the internet location the book gives for where you can download a chart template doesn’t contain the file anymore (as in 10/2020). Instead, you’ll find a link to an online program, where you can, after signing up, calculate your chart for free.

Of course, you can make your own template on a computer using a drawing program, as I did with the chart below, or just take a plain paper and draw the star by hand.

Once you have the Star of David figure in front of you, you write your numbers in clockwise order, beginning with the point for physical karma (numbered 1 in the figure above), around the star until you run out of numbers. If your name is long, you may go two, three, or even more times around the figure.

Note: The book uses a special chart with only one triangle for those cases where the name consists of less than ten phonetic sounds. In this article, I will introduce only the basic procedure for names longer than ten phonetic sounds.

After writing your name numbers around the Star of David, you add the numbers of each point of the figure together. If the sum total of a point is greater than 22, you reduce it to the first number that falls within the range of 1 to 22.

Now, you have only one number left assigned to each point of the star. Next, you write the reduced form of this number on the right side of it, adding a dash between them. If there is only a single-digit to start with, you write that same number a second time next to it. Remember to put a dash between these two numbers to avoid confusing them with double-digits.

The last number you calculate is the Soul Destiny number, which is the sum of all other numbers in the chart. For that, you are advised to write the previously assigned number pairs in a table. You then add first all left-hand numbers, and second all right-hand numbers together. The results have to be, like before, reduced to a digit between 1 and 22 (left-hand number), which you again reduce to a single digit (right-hand number).

8. An example chart

As you may already guess, no other than Sir Nepumuk Fridolin Goblin 🧙, known from the previous parts of this series, will be our example.

Sir Nepumuk’s birth name is long. So it takes three and a half rounds around the figure to get all numbers assigned. The outcome of each number is written in bold. If a number repeats four or more times in the results, this is called a “dominant vibration.” In Sir Nepumuk’s chart, there are no repeating numbers.

Chart for Sir Nepumuk Fridolin Goblin.

9. Number interpretations

The Soul Contract Reading system gives interpretations for every single number from 1 to 22. These interpretations are called “top layer interpretations.” Further, the book explains the meaning of what it calls double numbers (e.g., 4-4, 6-6) and combination numbers (e.g., 10-1, 21-3). The double and combination numbers are said to reveal the “aspect-specific meaning.”

For the interpretation of Sir Nepumuk’s Soul Destiny, you would read the description of number 13 and number 4, as well as the description for the combination number 13-4.

I’ll give you a few excerpts of the interpretations of each combined or double number in Sir Nepumuk’s chart below, so you get an idea of what the interpretations are about. This is only a very short example. The interpretations for each number in the book are about two pages long.

Physical triangle: Physical Karma 12-3: You do not want to change or move due to fear of failure; underachievers. Energies of excess, stagnant and shy. Physical Talents 11-2: Sculptors, creators; starts with a small thing and increases it. Physical Goals 5-5: To learn to use your great intuitive abilities in the world in some form of teaching or expressive role.

Spiritual triangle: Spiritual Karma 6-6: Tougher to take risks with intangibles versus tangibles. Spiritual Talents 19-1: Ability to create a physical reality for spiritual learning. You are here in total service. Spiritual Goals 14-5: Producing spiritual material, probably writing, channels will open.

Soul Destiny 13-4: You are here to share Christ Consciousness energies. Whatever you do in a goal is expanded: for example, teaching expands into opening a center to affect greater numbers of people.

10. Channeled symbols

A unique feature of this system is the use of channeled symbols assigned to each of the 22 numbers. The book explains: “These channeled symbols, when drawn on a Soul Contract chart, actually act as antennae for the particular frequency involved. They act as gateways and will open you up to deeper levels of the interpretation of your birth name.”

A few of the channeled symbols used in the Soul Contract Reading system.

11. Associations with astrology and the Tree of Life

The system assigns ten planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac to the 22 numbers it uses. Other associations are drawn to the Tree of Life, elements, directions, body parts, senses, and body functions. The system also categorizes its 22 numbers into spiritual, physical, creative, and communications.

There are different versions of the assignment of planets to the Tree of Life. Some use only the seven traditional planets. The Soul Contract Reading system also uses the more recently discovered three outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are assigned in this system to the three mother letters (I’m using here the same English spelling of the Hebrew letters as in the book) Aleph (1) → Pluto = Crown, Mem (13) → Neptune = Wisdom, and Shin (21) → Uranus = Intelligence.

The seven classical planets are assigned to the seven double letters as follows: Moon → Beth (2), Mars → Gimel (3), Sun → Daled (4), Venus → Caf (11), Mercury → Peh (17), Saturn → Resch (20), and Jupiter → Tau (22).

The twelve signs of the zodiac are assigned to the twelve simple letters: Aries → Heh (5), Taurus → Vav (6), Gemini → Zion (7), Pisces → Kof (19), Cancer → Ches (8), Leo → Tes (9), Virgo → Yod (10), Libra → Lamed (12), Scorpio → Nun (14), Sagittarius → Samech (15), Capricorn → Ayen (16), Aquarius → Tzaddi (18).

The book’s definitions of these assignments go over several pages. It is not possible to explain these in this introductory article. However, there is a passage pertaining to the general use of astrology in this system, which I’d like to cite here:

“In the Soul Contract work, we handle astrology differently. If an astrological sign appears in a karmic aspect of your chart, then you are here to endure the negative expression of the energies of that sign so as to free yourself from its limitations and thus come into its positive qualities. As you transcend this sign, you will be able to draw upon the energies from all the other astrological signs in your Soul Contract.”

12. The most tricky part of the system

The most challenging part of the whole system is transliterating foreign names/sounds into Hebrew letters. The book has tables for converting the letters/sounds of the English alphabet to the Hebrew alphabet, but what if your name is not English?

The website of the Center for Conscious Ascension has a page for transliterating non-English phonetics. It suggests first converting your non-English name into English phonetic sounds and then looking up the assignments of the English letters to the Hebrew letters in the tables of the book. I find this method complicated and, most of all, vulnerable to mistakes. I recommend transliterating your name directly into Hebrew; also in the case it is English.

If you are a native English speaker or your name is English, you may want to have a look at Leeya Brooke Thompson’s book The Wisdom of Sound and Number: Phonetic Chaldean Numerology—Reclaiming an Ancient Oracle (2006). It explains a whole numerology system, but it’s correspondence tables are also useful for any other numerology system that’s foundation is the conversion of names into Hebrew letters based on sounds. Just notice that this book uses only numbers 1 to 9. So you need to convert these numbers (or better sounds these numbers are assigned to) to numbers 1 to 22 for using it with the Soul Contract Reading system. 

German speakers may find help in transliterating their names with the tables by Ingrid Kaufmann: Phonetische Umschrift des Hebräischen, and Alphabet.

Another useful source, especially for transcribing diphthongs, is this site on Wikipedia: Hebraization of English.

Tip: Here is a transliteration tool by Stephen P. Morse: Transliterating English to Hebrew in One Step.

More about transliteration and the Hebrew alphabet you can read in the first article of this series: Investigating Correspondences Between Numerology and Astrology Part 1 — Foundations of Numerology.

13. My thoughts

The system works with the idea of the evolution of the soul. This, however, might not be as linear as we think. It may be so that the soul chooses once in a while a more mundane life leaving the so-called “spiritual side” to a minor role. This doesn’t mean the soul is not “highly evolved.”

Life expresses itself through expansion and contraction. Our heart and lungs alternately expand and contract continuingly from the beginning until the end of our earthly existence. As a whole, life first expands (birth, childhood, youth) and then contracts (adulthood, old age, death). History seems to move in cycles. What I’m trying to say is that it is good to be careful with the concept of the evolution of the soul and our presumption of it.

Although this system works with the idea of reincarnation, karma, and the evolution of the soul, I think it can still be used to some extent if your worldview differs from this. Numbers and symbols are universal in nature. They may speak to you regardless of the system they are used.

The Soul Contract system is hard to compare with astrological birth charts and correspondences to other numerology systems. First of all, it mixes zodiac signs and planets in its associations with the root numbers 1 to 9. It also says it uses astrology differently, which it explains only at one point in the book (see citation above).

The system uses the term »star sign« in its interpretations. I think what is meant here is just zodiac sign on a general level. »Star sign« is often used by laymen meaning Sun sign. However, the Soul Contract Reading results and their assignment of zodiac signs do not necessarily correlate with your astrological birth chart. Just to keep in mind, the book uses »star sign,« meaning zodiac sign using it as a broad metaphor—nothing to do per se with the Sun or any other planet, or importance of a particular zodiac sign in your own birth chart.

Additionally, there is not always only one single possibility for transliterating names. You may end up with a few variations for your chart. How do you know which one is right?

I had a 15-minute taster reading a year ago, and the chart calculated for me was a conversion of the letters of my birth name 1:1, meaning it was not based on the sound my name makes. The practitioner showed me also two variations of transliterations based on the sound of my name. The interpretation of these two variations did not fit as good as the 1:1 conversion.

However, after going a bit deeper into transliterating names to Hebrew, I concluded that there might have been a little error in the transliteration of the long /i/ sound in my name, which was converted into two English »E« letters and therefore assigned to the Hebrew letter Heh. This is very understandable from an English pronunciation point of view. However, after contemplating for a while and checking several other sources, I was convinced that the conversion has to be into the Hebrew letter Yud (which is actually the most obvious option if you do the transliteration directly into Hebrew). This alteration changed all numbers in the chart, except one. 

I can see both charts displaying valuable viewpoints. So I do not dismiss the chart based on a 1:1 conversion of the letters of my birth name. However, suppose we follow the system’s basic idea, namely that sound is creative and, therefore, should be the foundation of the system, we should choose the chart based on the phonetical transliteration. Btw, the reading was interesting and a pleasant experience.

14. What next?

This was part 4 of my numerology series. There will be a part 5, but I haven’t decided yet if I will introduce another numerology system or write about a few computer programs for calculating numerology charts. I also want to do a comparison part at some point. In conclusion, part 5 will be a surprise.

Are you already familiar with this system? What are your thoughts about it? If you know any useful sources for transliterating names to Hebrew or just want to share your experiences with the Soul Contract Reading system, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Sindy 🕊️


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Featured Image: Gerd Altmann | Pixabay

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