“Open the Gates!” — Inanna, the Female Sex, and the Venus Archetype | Astrology and Myth

Tracing the origins of the Venus archetype led me back to the first stories ever recorded, back to ancient Sumeria and INANNA.

In this article, I introduce you to one of the earliest known female deities in recorded history. Inseparably connected to the planet Venus, Inanna is the root for understanding womanhood, sexuality, and the cycle of life.

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It’s About CYCLES, Not Circles

In this post, I will reveal how my website Living in Cycles got its name, what it means and how it reflects my understanding of life and the focus in my astrological practice. I’ve also included some of my personal experiences with number symbolism. You know what they say if a number repeatedly appears in your life… Oh, and I will also touch on free will and fate.

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Planetdance — Versatile and Communal | Free Astrology Software

Edit Dec 5, 2022: I had the honor to interview the creator of Planetdance, Jean Cremers, and one of the major contributors to its content, Ed, who, among other works for Planetdance, has written the script for the famous Ed Greek Horoscope module. And did you know Planetdance also has a Venus Star Point module? ♀️

Click and watch my interview with Jean and Ed about Planetdance.

One of the most exciting questions for astrologers and astrology students is what software to use. Although there is free astrology software online that provides great tools, like the well-known astro.com and astro-seek.com, plenty of reasons exist why you should get a decent astrology program installed on your personal computer.

There are some concise programs available for free. However, to get advanced astrology software, you usually have to pay, sometimes quite much. But fear not – there is a noteworthy alternative called Planetdance. This article will introduce you quickly to this outstanding, multitasking, and FREE astrology program.

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✨Announcement ✨

Auf Deutsch siehe unten. Suomeksi alempana.

After four years of studying astrology, I’m excited to announce that I am now available for consultations. My focus is on birth chart readings and life cycles calculated from it. Besides English, I’m available for consultations in German and Finnish.

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