Essence of Life

To live…

…is to whether to fulfill one’s longings – or to kill them.
As a result of the latter, the soul fades.

But what creates a longing?
Or is it that a man’s yearnings are rooted deeply in his soul
right from the beginning, even before he has seen the light of this world?

What is the core meaning of longing for something?
And what if there is no longing at all?

A man who yearns – lives.
A man who is longing for death is indeed deeply yearning for life.
But a man who does not long for anything anymore is like almost dead.

Longing is a force which gives
meaning to life,
birth to change and
growth to the soul.


Published by

Sindy 🕊️

Hermit soul, astrologer, Venus Star Point practitioner & teacher | 🇫🇮 🇩🇪 🇬🇧

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