It’s About CYCLES, Not Circles

In this post, I will reveal how my website Living in Cycles got its name, what it means and how it reflects my understanding of life and the focus in my astrological practice. I’ve also included some of my personal experiences with number symbolism. You know what they say if a number repeatedly appears in your life… Oh, and I will also touch on free will and fate.

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About Astrology – Quote from Robert Wilkinson

“Astrology is the mathematical art and science of the cycles of life. Using astrology, we can correlate time with all that manifests in the material, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of existence. It reveals the larger patterns of meaning at any given stage of life or experience, and because it measures cycles, astrology marks the “action beats” of how and when things appear and disappear, both in an individual life, as well as in the world at large.”

Robert Wilkinson in ‘Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend’. 2016. Fifth Ray Publishing.