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What services do I offer?

I offer consultations based on your astrological birth chart and unique life cycles calculated from it. My goal is to help you get to know yourself and your life better and make the best out of each phase you live in.

What types of consultations can you choose from?

I offer three types of consultations. The Seed of life consultation is a natal chart consultation. The Cycles of Life consultation gives you an overview of your overall life cycles while the Next Turn consultation gives you insights into the year ahead. For more information, see the descriptions of each consultation type below.

Every consultation is further tailored to your individual needs. When preparing, I will choose the techniques suited best to answer any question you may have. Just let me know if you have anything special you want me to focus on.

What does a consultation include, and how is it done?

You will get a PDF-file with your birth chart in every consultation with me. Depending on the type of consultation the file contains additional charts and lists. All consultations are held via Zoom Video Conferencing. You don’t need a Zoom account yourself. Only a stable internet connection and a computer with camera is required. If you wish, our meeting will be recorded, and a link to the password-protected file with the recording sent to you via email after the consultation.

What kind of astrology do I practice?

My practice is based primarily on techniques rooted in traditional Western astrology. I’m using the seven wandering stars Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, traditional sign rulership, the five classical aspects, the tropical zodiac, and whole sign houses for examining life areas. For analyzing your life cycles and the quality of time you are currently living in, I use mostly zodiacal releasing, distribution through the bounds, annual profections, solar revolutions, and transits.

Why do I do what I do?

We all have meaning in life, and I believe that getting to know ourselves better through the lens of astrology helps us live that meaning in a more fulfilling way. Knowledge about our life cycles and the quality of time we currently live in allows us to navigate through life’s ups and downs, using our skills and resources in the best way possible for ourselves and others. Astrology is also a tool to contemplate the mechanics of creation and the forces behind it. Hope in the future is what I wish to see grow in our hearts.

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life consultation is a deep dive into your astrological birth chart, which describes the building material of your individual being. Your birth chart provides valuable perspectives on every area of your life, like your relationships, strengths, challenges, focus of life, and possible fitting career options.

The Seed of Life consultation is the perfect choice if you are new to astrology, or if you want to hear about your birth chart from traditional astrology’s perspective. This consultation is also a good foundation for the Cycles of Life and the Next Turn consultations.

1 h 15 min | 93 €

Cycles of Life

The Cycles of Life consultation provides you with insights into the different chapters of your life. It helps you make the most out of each phase by finding resources to navigate successfully through the ups and downs on your path. This consultation guides you to see how the seed of your life (your birth chart) is unfolding.

The Cycles of Life consultation is a fitting match if you want to shed light on the quality of time you are currently living under. It also helps you get a better understanding of past experiences. This consultation suits best after the Seed of Life consultation.

1 h 30 min | 120 €

Next Turn

The Next Turn consultation is based on your solar return chart. It gives you insights into the year ahead, pointing out what areas of your life and what topics are most active during this one-year-period. This consultation helps you prepare and use your resources during the months ahead in the best way possible.

The Next Turn consultation is a yearly forecast that focuses on the months between one birthday and the following one. The best time for this consultation is a few weeks before or after your birthday.

1 h 15 min | 93 €


For booking your consultation, please fill in the form below. I’ll be answering your request as quickly as possible with a few suggestions for dates and times for our meeting.

Please let me know what day and what time you prefer (see options below). Your time zone or city of residence is needed to find a time for our appointment taking into account the possible differing time zones we are located in (mine is UTC+2 Helsinki, Finland). Payment is required in advance before our consultation takes place. An invoice will be sent to you by email after we scheduled our appointment.

Important: Your birth data is the foundation for all astrological calculations and should be as exact as possible. The best source for your birth data is your certificate of birth.