🇬🇧 Astrology Readings in English

I use a sliding scale price model to make readings as accessible as possible to you. Choose your price by selecting A, B, or C in the booking form below. If you have any questions or are not sure what type of reading to choose, please contact me, and we’ll figure out together what is the best suitable type of reading for you.

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life reading is a deep dive into your astrological birth chart, which describes the building material of your being and earthly experience.

75 min

A: 40 € | B: 72 € | C: 93 €

Venus Star Point®

The Venus Star Point® reading focuses on the five-pointed star in your birth chart, created by Venus-Sun conjunctions. Your Venus Star Point® symbolizes your heart-mind connection and gives you insight into your creative energy. If you ask yourself questions like: What is my unique talent? What feeds my creativity? How can I understand my relationships? What am I here to share with the world? Then, this is the right reading for you!

75 min

A: 40 € | B: 72 € | C: 93 €

Cycles of Life

The Cycles of Life reading provides insight into the different phases of your life, guiding you to see how the seed of your life (your birth chart) unfolds.

90 min

A: 72 € | B: 93 € | C: 120 €

All prices include preparation time, a personalized PDF with your astrological birth chart, a live consultation via Zoom, and a recording of the consultation.

What, How, and Why?

I offer consultations based on your astrological birth chart and unique life cycles calculated from it. You will receive a PDF with your birth chart in every consultation with me. Depending on the type of reading, the file contains additional charts and lists. We will meet live via Zoom. You don’t need a Zoom account yourself. If you wish, our meeting will be recorded, and a link to a password-protected file with the recording sent to you via email after the consultation. My practice is based primarily on techniques rooted in traditional Western astrology. I’m here to support you in getting to know yourself better and making the best out of each phase of your life. I believe in choice within the frames of destiny.


For booking a consultation with me, please fill in the form below. I’ll be answering your request with a few suggestions for dates and times for our meeting. Your time zone or city of residence is needed to find a time for our appointment, considering the possible differing time zones we are located in. Payment is required in advance before our consultation takes place. An invoice (PayPal for clients outside the EU) will be sent to you by email after scheduling our appointment. Important: Your birth data is the foundation for all astrological calculations and should be as exact as possible. The best source for your birth data is your certificate of birth.