YouTube Channel is Launched! ✨

Yesterday, I launched my YouTube channel. May it be a source of hope and inspiration for you.

In this first video, I introduce the ancient Egyptian concept of Ma‘at. You will learn what Ma’at stands for and why it is a good time to study this concept. I also speak shortly about some astrological associations that help us understand the meaning of Ma’at.

Thank you for watching!

I wish you a heart full of hope and light as a feather.

Sindy 🕊️


Here a few sources where you can find more information about this idea.

Article (in German) about Ma‘at:

Article (in English) about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020:


Books about Ma‘at:

  • Assmann, Jan. Ma’at – Gerechtigkeit und Unsterblichkeit im Alten Ägypten. C.H. Beck, 2001.
  • Renouf, P. Le Page und Naville, Edouard. The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Private printing for the Society of Biblical Archaeology. London, 1904.
  • Amen, Rkhty. A Life Centered Life Living MAAT. Originally titled The Philosophy of Kemetic Spirituality, by Rkhty Wimby. Chicago, Illinois, 1988.
  • Clark, Rosemary. The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt: The Esoteric Wisdom. Llewellyn Publications, 2000.

The 42 Positive Affirmations:

Discussion about Kemetic spirituality:

YouTube channel recommendation:

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